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Our group deals with planning, design, management, control and optimization of production systems.

Main issues deal with logistics and supply chain, plants and automation, reliability and maintenance, renewable energy & life cycle assessment.

We are present in North and South Italy.

The working personnel in our shop is endowed with an elevated degree of specialization.

 We are qualified for the realization of manufactured articles according with international standards.

Our factory of 2,500 mq covers an area of 7,000 square meters in the first road of industrial area of Gela.

It is adequately equipped with own vehicle fleet which includes:

• weighbridge
• welding sets

• systems groups
• Automatic band saws

• CNC flame cutting system
• Plasma cutting-bending press
• shear-bending machines
• punching machines

• pillar drills
• Cutter U3 TIGER
• wire welding machines-orbital welding machines
• Submerged arc welding machine with rollers Positioners
• furnaces mant. electrodes/fluss

Registered Office

00165 Rome-Italy
Via della Stazione di San Pietro, 65
(+39) 06.92929875
(+39) 06.92929875

Location of Gela

93012 Gela (CL)-Italy
Via Venezia, 369
(+39) 0933.1901383
(+39) 0933.833220


93012 Gela (CL)-Italy
Industrial zone I° Street
(+39) 0933.1901383
(+39) 0933.833220

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